Welcome to Weakest Link


The game features a single player who is required to answer general knowledge questions.
The game is broken up into three rounds, the first two rounds allow the player to bank and earn money whereas, the last round is a sudden death wrong that will determine if he or she will walk away with the total money banked in the two previous rounds; or loose the game and be labeled as the “WEAKEST LINK”.
Note, the objective of round 1 and 2 is to create a chain of consecutive correct answers to earn an increasing amount of money from a “Money Tree” for a “bank pot” within a specific time limit. An incorrect answer breaks the chain and loses all the money accumulated up to that point; however, the player can say "bank", (press a bank button), prior to their question being asked, the accumulated money is stored, and the “Money Tree” resets to zero.
For every question asked, the game will provide 4 possible answer choices to allow the player to choose the correct answer.